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Hey I wanted to chime in again on the blog. So far another 15 points have been added to my credit score. I am ready to jump up and down about the results I have gotten from MSI Credit Solutions and crew. I also wanted to relay my thoughts on credit repair itself.

I am sure with enough research and trial and error you can obtain the same results. The difference is a ton of wasted time learning what MSI has learned over 10 years of experience. Just let them do what they do best and site back and enjoy the credit results. Don’t waste your time trying to do it yourself. This is not a home depot project lol…

MSI Credit solutions


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So many people have asked me if it works. Of course it does! Would I really go through the trouble of creating this blog and posting about my experience if it didn’t?  Take my word for it and call them. My credit is still going up..another 20 points as of today. It’s great to be able to purchase the things that I need and know that if something goes wrong I have good credit to help me out. I’m also saving thousands of dollars a month in good interest rates.

I also became a fan of their facebook page:

They send out credit tips every day that you can read and learn more about. Please trust in MSI Credit Solutions. They are the best company out there for credit repair services. If you are not busy today give them a call and just talk with them for a minute. You will see that they know what they are doing.

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Yes MSI does work


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I have had so many people asking me lately if MSI Credit Solutions works that I finally decided to create a site to let people know. YES folks it does work. I am a 44 year old construction worker from Texas that has had a positive experience with them.

msi credit solutions

They raised my credit score over 90 points in 60 days and it keeps getting better every month. They are telling the truth when they guarantee results. I have sent many thank you letters to them for what they have done for me. I am expecting you are reading this site because you are unsure and are doing your research on them.

They are a really great company out of Frisco TX that will truely make a change in your credit scores. I am really not sure exactly what they do but I do know its 100% legal. I had my lawyer check into them before pulling the trigger.

Everything they do is geared towards getting results. If you have a good story to post about them please post it here, I would love to hear from you!!

msi credit solutions